As long as there are property buyers the intervention of real estate agency never ends. Before we bring to light the best real estate agents and REALTORS of the United States, let’s make sure that you get some basic idea about real estate agents and REALTORS and how they work.

Real Estate

The Terms Real Estate Agent and REALTOR:

  • REALTOR is a term that represents a collective membership mark denoting a real estate professional who qualifies himself as a member of the National Association of REALTORS. Once the person goes through such qualification he is expected to strictly stick to the code of ethics.
  • In some of the cases, these code of ethics surpasses or countermands the state law. This means that a registered real estate person is supposed to choose his ethics over law if required.
  • A qualified real estate agent’s role in the society is to act as a bridge between potential buyers and sellers. A professional person must be capable of assessing the capacity of both his clients that is the buyer and the seller. He must have thorough knowledge about the properties he deals with.
  • A real estate agent can never claim innocence and cannot ignore the facts and figures of a particular transaction.
  • The term real estate agent and REALTOR are often used interchangeably, whereas they are two different terms. Both real estate agent and a REALTOR are legally permitted to handle property transactions.
  • The main difference is a REALTOR is registered under the national association and is expected to strictly adhere to the code that the association prescribes.
  • Now that you know how real estate agents work and how the professionals differ, let’s get to know some the best real estate agents in the United States.

Top 5 real estate professionals in the United States:

A lot of websites help you find the best real estate agent depending on the locality you choose. Depending on how optimally they pick clients, provide services and earn profits the list is always subjective in nature. These five professionals are in no particular order. They are just the best 5 if I have to honestly say.

Santiago Arana:

Arana almost doubled his profits this financial year, with a $300 million turnover. He has got his hands tied up with the CEOs and CFOs of the globally recognized organization. No wonder he has doubled his profits in a couple of years. Arana believes that his ability gradually grew with time, experience and exposure to things.

Altman Brothers:

The Altman Brothers are Josh Altman and Matt Altman. While most top notch real estate agents consider a $300 Million dollar a sale ‘the achievement’ of their lives, the brother consider it just as a thing on their bucket list. They do not want a ladder that touches the roof rather they want one that touches the sky.

Ben Bacal:

When it comes to Ben who broke great deals this year, gives the credit away to Warner Bros and Sony. It is the place that taught him innovative sales techniques and nurtured his business acumen. He is claimed to be the first person to use a drone video as a part of his marketing strategy.

Ernie Carwell:

Ernie Carwell trade in a land that he calls the gold territory. He strongly believes that the properties in the Westside of LA can downturn but can hold its value the longest period possible.

Hugh Evans:

Hugh Evans is some who loves to work from the background. Working in an industry that demands a lot of pompous show and endorsement, Evans broke all this belief and maintained a low profile until his achievements and business skills came out roaring loud. He currently has a listing worth $11 million